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Free Equipper Assessment

While I am in the process of developing a unique assessment of the five equippers, my friend Eric Knopf has developed a  free fivefold ministry test that you can take on your computer or your smart phone.  While my assessment may (still working through) focus on the fivefold from an equipper standpoint (leadership), Eric’s is a good test from a ministry and/or calling point of view, and also provides help from the equipping (leader) point of view.  Calling, ministry and equipper (leader) are the three dimensions of the fivefold typology.

I suggest that you take the test, remember your top three scores, then go to the various equipper page descriptions – Apostle [Dream Awakener], Prophet [Heart Revealer], Evangelist [Story Teller], Pastor [Soul Healer], Teacher [Light Giver] and read through your top three to discern your primary and secondary calling/ministry/equipper gift. As you read the descriptions, ask yourself these three questions.  1.  Does this describe my passion?  2.  Am I fruitful in this area?  3. Do others confirm this in my life?

Another way to approach it is to remember the order of all five, consider the strength of each and develop a Venn diagram of your fivefold calling, as you can see at the bottom of the “Equipper’s page“. Your particular Venn diagram will shape the way you living out your calling in life.

You can also hit the five different icons at the top of the page to get to the description of the different equippers.


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