Equipping God's People to Create Missional Culture

Evangelist [Story Teller]

The primary concern of evangelist is helping the community to incarnate the good news in their neighborhood.  They help to cultivate a welcoming environment that helps the community practice hospitality as a way of life.  They invite the congregation to proclaim the good news by being witnesses and being redemptive agents in their vocation and neighborhood.  They help the community to live and share the good news.

What is their primary mission?
Evangelists help the congregation to proclaim the good news by being witnesses and redemptive agents, redeeming every aspect of society.
How do they reflect the heart of God?
Story tellers have a deep passion for reconciliation. They have a love for all people and desire to see what was lost at the fall be mended – people’s relationship with God, each other, themselves and all of creation.
What are the sorts of issues that deeply concern them?
They are concerned for the missional church, missional living, philosophy, culture, redeeming – lives, culture, vocations, social systems and creation, short and long term missions, how to be a faithful church in a pluralistic world, how to share our faith respectfully, intelligently, lovingly and contextually, cross cultural living, apologetics, practicing hospitality, and blessing the neighborhood.
What are the kinds of ministry they are involved with?
Story tellers live missionally and equip others in to engage in missional living as a way of life. They help people to meaningfully connect to missional spaces, which connect Christians with non-christians. They teach people how to live and share their story and God’s story. They view the congregational life through the eyes of those outside of the faith and find practical ways for missional communities to meet and serve their neighbors and neighborhood. They help connect the congregation to what is happening in the neighborhood. They train apprentices and build a team of people who help them with these ministries.
What is their primary blind spot?
Evangelists may engage in over-contextualization by identifying to closely with culture and not valuing the development of a contrast community.
What is their effect within the body?
Evangelists cultivate a welcoming environment and an outward focus toward the world for the sake of the world helping people to be and share the good news contextually.
What are some passages that talk about evangelists?
John (Luke3:18), Philip (Acts 21:8), Philip the Evangelist in action (Acts 8:4-40), (Eph. 4:11).
Who are some contemporary examples?
Lesslie Newbigin, David Bosch, Inagrace Deitterich, C. Rene Padilla, Craig Van Gelder, George Hunsberger, Darrell Guder, Alan Roxburgh, Andrew Walls, Cathy Ross, James R. Krabill.