Equipping God's People to Create Missional Culture

Church Assessment

Just like it is important to have an annual check up at the doctors office, it is wise to regularly have an assessment of the congregation that you serve, to discern the health of the church.  When conducting an assessment for a church or ministry, we take a holistic approach.  There are five areas we examine.

  • Missional Assessment – Looking at the missional pulse of the group.  Examining how the ministry is engaging in her context as well as analyzing how she is forming a missional culture.
  • Equipper Assessment – Taking a deep look at the ministry balance in the leadership of the church as it relates to the ministry outlook of the five equippers and Belbins team dynamics.
  • Ministry Assessment – Looking at the current ministries of the church and assessing how well they are fulfilling the stated mission as well as looking at the strengths and weaknesses of organizational alignment and ministry balance.
  • Resource Assessment – Taking a look at the current assets of the congregation – in particular finances, building, community reputation and spiritual energies.  We will explore the sustainability issues as well as possibilities for the future.
  • Cultural Assessment – Looking at the artifacts, espoused values and basic underlying assumptions from which the group operates.  This part of the assessment seeks to discover the cultural DNA of the group by understanding the various genes that need to be further embraced or re-examined.
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