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The Places Where I Blog Now


If you want to read some of my most recent blog entries, you will find my writing at the websites below. Be sure to check these sites out, and look at the church as movement website to discover resources that Dan and I are developing to help people live into The Church as Movement (the latest book that I co-authored with Dan White Jr.)

  • The V3 Church Planting Movement  I blog regularly at this site, along with some other planters and practitioners. This collective blog is updated a couple of times a week with some of the best and latest thoughts on the missional church and movement.
  • New Churches  I regularly blog here as well. This space has many resources for church planting in general. You will also find many good resources for starting, sustaining and multiplying missional churches.
  • Gospel Life   Another place that where I regularly contribute. At this site you will find multiple contributors who write about how to live into the good news well.
  • Church as Movement  This site is filled with many free resources that will help you live into the church as movement. Be sure to surf the site, where you can uncover many helpful tools, worksheets, articles, blog links and places to find solid training. In addition, as you scroll down you will find a place to order The Church as Movement for up to 50% off.

In this next season of writing, these are the locations you will find me writing. I will likely write articles here and there at other sites as well. Be sure to surf this website, as there are a number of helpful articles, book summaries and other resources to help you create a missional culture in the congregation you serve.

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