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Plugged Back In, Some Future Posts

JR Contemplative HeadshotI had an amazingly refreshing time with my family extended family and some friends in St. Pete’s, Florida.  Most all the time I remained unplugged, other than posting some pics through instagram, that automatically pop up on my facebook page as well.  Now I am back in the saddle, excited about the future, both long term as well as the remainder of this year.  (My photo is a recent headshot – the contemplative JR)

I’m looking forward to some of the series that I will have on this blog. Let me give you a little preview of some of the things in store over the next couple of months.  I will start to review The Permanent Revolution by Alan Hirsch and Tim Catchim.  I want to review it in a unique way, by doing a ‘chapter in a page’.  I will give a quick overview of the chapter and some of my thoughts on a chapter in one short blog post, and do that for each of the chapters of the book.  So be on the look at for that series soon.

I will also be doing some posts in regard to two learning communities that I will be helping to start up in the Fall of 2013 with V3.  One will be a Apprentice Learning CommunityPreparing for Church Planting, learning the basics elements of church planting, getting some tools on your belt and passion in your heart.  The other will be a Protégé Learning CommunityEngaging in Church Planting, for people who are in the early stages of their church plant.  The Protégé LC is about becoming more competent as a planting and moving toward knowing things instinctually.  There will be applications for people who want to be a part of these groups.  Since we are in beta testing, there will be limited space.

In the future, January 2014 I’m planning to start Discovery Learning CommunitiesExploring Church Planting, for those of you who are trying to discern if church planting is something you are called and have the aptitude to do.  And in the fall of 2014 I want to start up an Equipper Learning CommunityCultivating Movement Makers.  Equippers understand the basics instinctually and want to learn how to put yourself in the shoes of an apprentice in order to help them move forward.

In addition to these series, I will be sprinkling some of my learning from my PhD work, starting with a Theology of the Powers.  I am also hoping to do a couple of video series dealing with planting, Lord willing.

So there you go.  I’m back and looking forward to sharing some of these things with you.  If there are other series you are interesting in me tackling, please let me know through your comments.  All ideas are welcome.  I will just need to discern if I am the one who is to tackle that issue or not.  Peace.

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