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Meeting History – A Poem by Tori Lane

Northern Light by Philippe Mousette. CC BY 2.0.

Northern Light by Philippe Mousette. CC BY 2.0.

The walks are streaked with mimicries of Northern Lights
as the slowly dipping sun presses
stained glass color into the sanctuary.
Pews flicker with speckled flashes
and worn carpeted aisles glow with muted warmth.
Removing shoes in sacred silence, she treads on the history
of altar calls, invocations, weddings and funerals.
Her skin dances with the honesty of colored light as she slows,
abiding deeply in the silence,
silence thick with the mosaic of memories,
of history developing toward some unfolding infinite.
And there she carves a question in time,
on of faith and the reality of God, joining
the inquiring community that had walked the aisles and sat in the pews.
She resides with those who have courageously
engaged the questions, bathing in the honesty of colored light
over the years of rising days and falling nights, and there,
in barefoot silence,
she senses a closeness of family
and the nearness of God.

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