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Belovedness – A Poem by Tori Lane

The Dark HedgesThe morning buzzes in the humble affirmation

of an intangible truth –

it drips through the layers of trees

with the trickling sunlight, dances in the pauses

in the morning chorus, pushes up

out of the dirt with each grass blade.

The hum of createdness moves within the distant

murmur of wind-tousled trees.

That intangible life pulses

in the miniscule gaps between tendon and bone,

in the lightning between synapses of the brain.

It exists in the space of every breath,

fills the lungs, hitches a ride in

blood filled arteries, stretches out

in the invasion of limbs

and emboldens what has been there since

the beginning.

It echoes Divine Beauty –

distant Source, indwelt Spirit.

It invites the movement of childlike response,

the stillness of contemplative abiding.

It offers intimate knowledge and joyful awareness –

the truth of being gloriously made.

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