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Statement of Faith Project – Part 7

I’m continuing to share my first attempt to draft a statement of faith with a broad evangelical posture. This project was started from a commission to write a statement for a particular organization, and to do so within particular parameters. This has shaped my approach deeply.

Thanks for the interaction on my previous posts, on the Triune God, scripture, humanity, the Gospel, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I appreciate your feedback on each of these entries, because it will help the final version be that much better! Here is my concise statement about the Church.

The Church

The church is comprised of those who believe in God and who confess and follow Jesus through the power of the Spirit. She is to be a sign of the kingdom, pointing people to a reality that is just around the corner, a foretaste of the kingdom, where we grow to love one another as Christ loves us, and an instrument in the hands of God to bring more of heaven to earth in concrete ways. Proclaiming God’s kingdom demands the denunciation of all injustice, oppression and exploitation; personally, socially and in relation to nature. The church is the body of Christ, not an aggregate of individuals in pursuit of a personal experience of God, but a communal way of being that enables us to be and make disciples of Jesus Christ.

My next and last concise statement will be on eschatology.

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