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Everyday Theology – Austin, TX Starting Tonight @ Space 12

If you live in the Austin area, I hope you will consider joining us tonight as engage in the theme of Everyday Theology.  You can find out more about the details of this event here.  Advanced registration online is closed, but you can register at the door.  This evening will begin with a presentation from Dr. Roger Olson, of Truett Theological Seminary on the need for embracing theology, not merely as an academic exercise, but as a part of everyday life.  He will be followed by 13 practitioners, from 13 different church communities, exploring how theology shapes our activities and our thinking, not just on Sunday, but Monday through Saturday as well.  Check out the schedule and some of the interesting titles.  I hope to see you there!


Friday, October 5

6pm :: Doors Open/Check-in

7pm :: First Session
Matt Singleton: YOLO, Nihilism, and The Ultimate Meaning of Punctuation in the High School English Classroom
Sean Henry: The Help v. Host: Dirt, Coffee & The Last Supper
Carrie Graham: The Stoplight Purgatories

9pm :: Extracurricular Activities

Saturday, October 6

8:30am :: Doors Open/Caffeination

9am :: Second Session
Gideon Tsang: The Tedious Work of Mundane Neighboring
Ryan Hairston: Theology of Proximity
Kyle Sears: Everyday Theology of Community Partnerships

10:15 :: Break

10:45am :: Third Session
Cecil Linke: The Everyday Theology Of Perseverance
Eric Vogt: Stories of Violence and People of Peace
Mike Watson: Why Comfort Must be Our First Response to the Shared Pain of Others

12pm :: Catered Lunch (Included in Cost)

1pm :: Fourth Session
Sam Myrick: This Line is Metaphysical
Julie Clawson: Bread, Circuses, and the Kingdom of God
JR Woodward: Theology at the Theater: Watching Film as a Communal Spiritual Discipline

2:30pm :: Wrap-up

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