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Statement of Faith Project – Part 4

This has been my first attempt to draft a statement of faith in our contemporary world with a broad evangelical posture.  This project was started from a commission to write a statement for a particular group of people, and to do so within particular parameters.   This has shaped my approach deeply.

I have appreciated the interaction of my last posts on The Triune God and Scripture.  Please continue to give feedback of what you like, what you would change or tweak.  Any feedback is helpful.  Today I want to address the gospel, which nicely follows the statement on humanity.

The Gospel
The gospel is the work of God in Christ through the Spirit to restore humans to union with himself, communion with each another, wholeness within, and harmony with creation so that we might live for the good of others and all creation. When we embrace God’s grace through faith in the life, death and resurrection of Christ, he forgives our sins, makes us right with him, cleanses us of our guilt, takes our shame, purifies us, redeems us, justifies us, glorifies us, and delivers us from the grip of death and evil.  He places us into his body, unites us, heals us, seals us, and empowers us to carry out his mission in the world, for the good of the world and the glory of God.

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