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Release the APE Website Launched Today

Release the APE website launched earlier today. You ask, what does release the APE mean and what is it all about? Release the APE is an effort started by Beau Crosetto and it is about activating apostolic, prophetic and evangelistic leaders.

As we are in an increasing post-Christendom era in the United States there is a greater need to help those whom God has called to be apostles, prophets and evangelists to understand who they are and live into who God has made them for the sake of the kingdom and the glory of God.

Beau has gathered a number of impressive contributors to help with this effort.  James Choung, who serves as the national director of Intervarsity Asian Ministries and is author of True Story: A Christianity Worth Believing In, and his forth coming book Real Life: A Christianity Worth Living Out, which I recommend you check out. Jon Hietbrink who serves as the Regional Director for the Central US region of InterVarsity.  Dave Ferguson, who pastors Commmunity Christian Church in Chicago and has authored numerous books.  Eric and Stacy Rafferty who work are IVCF staff working in Omaha, Nebraska planting multi-ethnic communities of faith at the college and university campuses.  Sarah Carter who is part of two church planting movements, one is San Diego and one in Southeast Asia.  Grace Biskie who served as the Black Campus Ministries Coordinator in the Midwest for IVCF, who is now serving high school students for a non-proft foundation.  Shawn Young the national director of chapter planting for IVCF USA.  And I will also be a contributor to this blog as well.

So why don’t you go over to the release the APE website and check it out!


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