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Statement of Faith Project – Part 3

This has been my first attempt to draft a statement of faith in our contemporary world with a broad evangelical posture.  This project was started from a commission to write a statement for a particular group of people, and to do so within particular parameters.   This has shaped my approach deeply.

I have appreciated the interaction of my last posts on The Triune God and Scripture.  Please continue to give feedback of what you like, what you would change or tweak.  Any feedback is helpful.  Today I want to address the theme Humanity, which nicely follows the statement on Our Triune God.

In an overflow of God’s love, he created humanity in his image, male and female he created them.  Men and women were created to be in relationship with God, each other, tend creation and create culture in a way that mirrors his glory.  Yet historically and in the present, we have sinned and rebelled against God.  Sin is being against God, against his loving reign, against life and against well-being.  In desiring autonomy from God we alienated ourselves from him, each other and the created order.  Our fractured selves experience shame, guilt and condemnation.  We are fallen, broken and depraved, often making gods in our own image, rather than accepting that we are made in his.  But the God who gave us life, summons us to new life.

This will flow into a statement about The Gospel.  (Always an interesting topic in our day)

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