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Englewood Review of Books – community, mission, imagination, reconciliation

If you love to read and keep up with some of the important books that are being released, and have a passion for community, mission, imagination and reconciliation, then you will enjoy the Quarterly Englewood Review of Books.  I’ve enjoyed getting this print quarterly since its conception.

It just so happens that in this next print edition they have a conversation with Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove on the question “How would you sum up the gospel?”, which I highly anticipate, and they also have an interview with me on Creating a Missional Culture.  I want to tell you that Dr. Felicia LaBoy made it an interesting interview.  You can see the table of contents for this next edition.  This might be a great time to subscribe to the Englewood Review of Books.  If you live outside of North America, you are eligible to get the print edition for free.  Check it out.

You can also check out their blog, as they have helpful posts like 10 Recommended Kindle ebooks for $3.99 or less.

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