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Praying with Walter Brueggemann

Mountain Landscape

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You call and we have a vocation.
You send and we have an identity.
You accompany us and we are swept to
big purposes:
chosen race,
royal priesthood,
your own people,
receiving mercy.

But we, in our restlessness,
do not want to be so peculiar.

We would rather be like the others,
eager for their wealth,
their wisdom,
their power.
Eager to be like them, comfortable

We yearn to be like the others,
and you make us odd and peculiar and different.

Grant that we may find joy in our baptism,
freedom in our obedience,
delight in our vocation.

The same joy, freedom and delight
that so marked our Lord
whom we follow in oddness.

From Prayers for a Privileged People

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