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Do Something Good Today – Help George Win a Van

My friend Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove let me know about a friend of his that you can bless today, by just taking a minute of your time. First, let me let Jonathan tell you George’s story, and then share how in less than a minute you can demonstrate the love of Christ and bless George’s life.

“One year ago this week, as the birds were hatching on our porch and the rose bush was in full bloom, our friend George was shot, just four blocks up the street. The bullet that hit his neck lodged in his C-7 and paralyzed him from the chest down. For eight months, George lay on his back in a hospital bed. Most of the medical and social work professionals who worked with him said George would never live outside of an institution again.

But George said, ‘I’m gonna drive.’

After working hard in rehab, George came home to stay with us at Rutba House in early February of this year. With good medical care, determination, and the patient love of lots of friends, he’s made steady progress–getting out of bed, learning to use a wheel chair, even hoisting himself in and out of our family van. But all along, George has maintained, ‘I’m gonna drive.’

I believe he will. But here’s the exciting news: you can help make it happen. For National Mobility Awareness Month, there’s a contest. Three people will win a fully equipped, handicap accessible van. And the winners will be determined by the number of votes that each nominee gets by May 13th.

Here is how you can help George:

1. Click here to Vote for George. (Use the promo code “963” to multiply your initial vote times five.)
2. Share this. Email it. Tweet it. Post it to Facebook. Get the word out.
3. Vote Early, Vote Often.

Jonathan says, “George thinks I’m a little crazy for thinking he can win this. And maybe I am. But if I have learned anything in our life here at Rutba house, it’s that the unimaginable is possible when people come together in the power of love.”

I voted today, I hope you will vote as well, and make this story viral.  Check out this video with Jonathan and George.

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