Equipping God's People to Create Missional Culture

Genesis – A Theological and Practical Trajectory for Missional Church Planting ( May 7 – May 11 2012)

If you are thinking about or in the process of getting ready to start a church? Are you in the early stages of your church plant?  If so you don’t want to miss this training event that will prepare you for this venture in the most excellent way.  Genesis is unique in comparison to other church planter training opportunities available today.

  • First, there will not be hundreds of people at the training.  More than likely, there will be somewhere between 20-30.  This means plenty of room for dialogue, conversation, and questions amidst all of the planned training.
  • Second, everyone stays, eats, and prays together for the week.  Most people leave with better friendships, some of which will be life-long, because they started the church planting journey – in this way – together.
  • Third, there will be a host of different equippers with unique planting stories.  This gathering (as in all we try to do) isn’t dominated by just a few individuals or models of church planting.  You’ll hear from a variety of planters, both seasoned and new, and learn from their experiences and approaches.

Finally, the training time provides a good balance of theology, theory, and practicality.  Each component is vital. Register today!  Learn the various topics that are covered during this time.  Hope to see you there.  Let me know if you have any questions about this event.

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