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Creating a Missional Culture – A Synopsis

You can now pre-order  – Creating a Missional Culture: Equipping the Church for the Sake of the World (both Amazon and B&N have it for a great discount). The new scheduled release date is August 20th.  It will be part of a new imprint with InterVarsity Press called Praxis, which is a series of books focused on equipping leaders for ministry.  It is also a part of the newly developed  Forge America line which I’m excited about.  Here is a look at the cover and a short synopsis of the book.

Synopsis of Book
If we are going to have churches where the community more fully reflects the character and ministry of Christ, we must understand the hidden power of culture.  Like gravity, the culture of a congregation can either pull people down to their base instincts or lift people up to their sacred potential.  We create culture and culture recreates us.

If we want to create a missional culture in the congregations we serve, we need to understand how the different elements of culture work.  Because the language we live in, the artifacts that we make use of, the rituals we engage in, our approach to ethics, the institutions we are a part of and the narratives we inhabit have the power to shape our lives profoundly.

In addition we need to cultivate learning, healing, welcoming, liberating and thriving environments.  We do this by yielding to the work of the Spirit in our lives by developing communal rhythms of life – grace-filled spiritual practices which engage our senses, grab our hearts, form our identities and reshape our desires toward God and his kingdom.

While managers operate within culture, leaders create culture. In fact, our very approach to leadership shapes culture in profound ways.  Hierarchical leadership tends to breed an individualistic approach to spiritual formation, while polycentric leadership lends itself to a more communal approach. If we desire to connect with the digital generation, we need to learn to live as a community of leaders within the community.

The apostle Paul makes a direct link between the spiritual maturity of the church and the five kinds of equippers operating in the church.  Thus we must recognize, nourish and release the five equippers  – apostles (dream awakeners), prophets (heart revealers), evangelists (story tellers), pastors (soul healers) and teachers (light givers) – Christ has given the church.  For as the equippers incarnate their lives and ministries within the body, the whole body will be aroused and awakened to live in the world, for the sake of the world, in the way of Christ.

I’m really excited about the book. I trust it will be a contribution to helping churches live out their calling for the sake of the world well. Here is the table of contents.  Here are what some people are saying about the book.  If you want to keep up with the latest news about the book, then go to this facebook page and “like it”.


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