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My Time at the Sundance Film Festival

I got back from Park City on Sunday night. I thought I would have some time to post about the different films I saw at Sundance and the unique people I meet last week, but each day was so full, I just didn’t have the time. I hope to share about the films I saw and the people I had the chance to meet in the next couple of weeks. In short, it was a powerful week. I was provoked, disturbed and enlightened.

For now, I thought I would just share with you the list of films that I saw and later take the time to review some of them.

Monday Night

After arriving in Park City, we gathered with the Windrider Forum to get oriented for the week as well as watch a couple of short films. We saw Deacons Monday and Love Hacking.

Tuesday I had the chance to share for a half an hour at the Windrider Forum in an exercise that people could engage in so that they might be more present to themselves, God, the filmmakers and the films they would watch during the week. I saw The Middle of Nowhere and Love Free or Die.

Wednesday I connected with some filmmakers, and saw Five Broken Cameras. In the evening I saw two short films, Raju from a German filmmaker, which happened to be nominated for an Oscar last week and Teamwork, directed by a Korean filmmaker.

I met some filmmakers, hung out with many different people and saw a documentary and a film in the Next category. The documentary was Finding North about hunger in America, and probably my favorite film of the week: I am NOT a Hipster.

Friday was a full day of film watching as I saw four films. China Heavyweight (Chinese), Wish You Were Here (Australian), 1/2 Revolution (Egyptian) and About the Pink Sky (Japanese).

Saturday I saw three full lengths films and three shorts. I saw We’re Not Broke, The House I Live In, and Chasing Ice. In addition at the Windrider Forum I saw Thief, Raju and Teamwork. I finished the night enjoying the Sundance Awards Party.

Sunday I went to the local Vineyard church and flew back home in the evening. I look forward to sharing some reviews of some of these films in the near future. Let me know if you want to hear about any of the films I watched.

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