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Resting – Part 7

I’m nearing the end of month one of Sabbatical, the month where I seek to bring my life to a screeching halt, to step on the brakes and connect to my mortality. No deadlines. No roles. Doing those things that energize me.

While I was in Hawaii, I was able to hike, surf, do stand up paddle boarding, snorkel, watch some films and TV, hang with friends and live spontaneously. One of the things I enjoy is photography. I only brought my iPhone to Hawaii this time, but the quality of pictures on the iPhone is great, other than when you try to zoom in. It was fun seeing what kind of photos I could get on the iPhone.

Upon returning to LA, I downloaded a couple of great iphone apps, including Pro HDR and time lapse. Below is my time lapse of the intersection of Hollywood and Vine on a late Sunday evening. While it took about 6 minutes to shoot, it only takes 6 seconds to watch.

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