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Attitude Check – Part III


Originally uploaded by Eric & Cynthia

Check out Part I and Part II to the series first. So why should we regularly check our attitude?

2. I’ve also learned our attitude affects our relationships with other people. We know this instinctively. How many of you love to spend a lot of your time with negative and complaining people?  When we have a negative attitude not many people want to be around us.  That is probably one of the reasons why Paul tell us to“do everything without complaining or arguing.” Do everything without arguing and complaining? Is that possible?  How can anyone really live like that?  I will let you know how you can grow in your ability to have a positive attitude in life, no matter what the circumstances.  For our attitude affects our relationship with others. Before sharing one of my top ten lessons in life, there is one more reason we need to do an attitude check.

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