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Intuitive Leadership by Tim Keel – Part 3

In his book Intuitive Leadership, near the end of the book Tim Keel talks about leadership as posture.

Here are two more healthy postures for leaders mentions.  Which one of these postures are you stronger or weaker in?

5.  A Posture of Surrender: From Control to Chaos
Chaos theory posits that while we look at chaos and see only unpredictability, randomness, and erratic noise, there are actually patterns and a sort of order that exists.  A posture of surrender acknowledges that chaos is not necessarily crises.  “What if leaders and communities resisted the impulse to assert and gain control over their environment when it begins to get a little funky and disruptive?  What if leaders sought to stay present in the midst of chaos in order to discern the presence and activity of the Holy Spirit hovering in love and creativity over a new act of creation?  What if leaders so postured would actually begin to work in concert with God’s spirit rather than in opposition to it?  What if the description that Jesus gave to Nicodemus of the Holy Spirit as an unpredictable wind caused communities to surrender to this Holy Wind the way a ship raises its sail and runs?”

6.  A Posture of Cultivation: From Programmer to Environmentalist
The real need is for people to deeply connect with one another, and this takes works and energy on the behalf of people, it doesn’t primarily happen through programs.  “Environmentalist can help to shape relational and spiritual ecologies that generate life as the natural outgrowth of a healthy and dynamic ecosystem… What if leaders saw themselves less as administrators or programmers and more as environmentalist or ecologists who help to imagine and nurture the space under their influence in order that life might grow from it – not by imposing something from the outside in but rather from the ground up, in the same way that through dependence on the Holy Spirit the manifestation of a godly life is fruit growing naturally from a healthy tree?  What if leaders assumed a posture of cultivation, of kneeling and digging in the earth, of planting and watering, of weeding and culling and, ultimately, harvesting?

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