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Reflections on Jesus Christ

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If you took Matthews portrait of Jesus and mixed it with Paul’s picture of Jesus from the book of Colossians and sought to relate these two portraits of Jesus to our life today in about 200 words, how would you do it? Here is my attempt.

In intertwining Jesus as King of the Jews (Matthew) with Jesus as the embodiment of fullness (Colossians) the fundamental question that comes to my mind is: Who is our primary teacher in life? Matthew and Paul tell us that it ought Jesus, for he is the long awaited Messiah, Son of God and the one “through, and for whom all things were created and reconciled”. In a world of much mis-information, we need to pay attention to the world’s greatest and most knowledgeable rabbi, “in whom all wisdom abides” – Jesus. With Jesus as our life teacher, the new Moses, we learn from him why we live, how to live and how to involve him in our everyday living. Matthew shows us how Jesus taught in parables to enable people to come to the truth about themselves and God from the inside of their own heart and mind, for his parables act like a mirror, helping us to reflect on Him and who we are. Jesus as the “inaugurator of the kingdom”, teaches us to pray for and participate in bringing more heaven to earth. Paul recognizes Christ as the one who now “rules over the kingdom of God (1:13; 3:1)” and that through his blood God has “reconciled the world, the entire universe, to himself” thus as follow the world’s wisest teacher, we are join Him in the renewal of all things.

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