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Churches in Revelation with Jennifer White – Part II

I love these paintings by Jennifer White, not just because they show in image the ways the church can get “deformed”, but they inspire me to think about what does it mean to be the “faithful church”.   In Part I of this series, I introduced you to Jennifer White and her series of paintings on the churches in Revelation.  We also took a look at the painting of the church at Sardis.

Today, let’s take a look at the church at Ephesus, which Jennifer entitles “Remember and Return”.  As you may remember, Jesus had a lot of good things to say about this church, but the one thing he had against them is that they had left their first love.  Take a moment to read about the church at Ephesus in Revelation 2:1-7 and then contemplate this painting, asking yourself the questions that I have listed just below the painting.

"Remember and Return"

As you reflect on the scripture and this painting, what does it cause you to think about? What in the painting shows the churches distance from Christ?  When it comes to the church you are involved with, how would you rate the churches love quotient as it relates to loving God?  In what ways can you help re-kindle people’s love for the Father, Son and Spirit?

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