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Which Are Your Favorite Blogs?

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Through the years, I have had seasons where I get the opportunity to read many blogs and seasons where I haven’t had as much time to even read blogs that I have on my google reader.

While I have collected a number of blogs on my google reader through the years, I’m interested in hearing about your favorite blogs and the topics that they tend to address. So if you wouldn’t mind, please let me know some of your favorite blogs.

I love reading on the missional church, theology, culture making, pop culture, the gospels, ecclesiology, spiritual formation, leadership, ethics, peace making, social justice, art, organizational dynamics, hermeneutics, sociology, cities, publishing, creative writing, book reviews, calling, Los Angeles, California, movements, politics, community, epistemology, photography, film and urban renewal.

Please let me know some of your favorite blogs in any of these areas, or your favorite blogs that might cover other areas, for I have other interests as well. I would be very grateful.

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