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Choice Blog Entries – Leadership, Same Sex Relations, Meat Bikinis


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One of the things I enjoy doing when pointing out some good blog posts to read, is coming up with a catchy title in the process. The title points to the topics discussed, but when you are combining three blog entries, the title becomes even more interesting and unique.

Leadership Attitudes
Len at Next Reformation, shares some thoughts from Eddie Gibbs’ book Leadership Next, about critical attitudes for those leading change, including passion, independence, creativity, curiosity, hope… you will have to go to his blog to check out the details.

Me vs. Craig Carter on Same Sex Relations
David Fitch gets some reaction from Craig Carter about his recent blog posts in regard to how he feels the church should approach this topic of same sex relationships and sexuality in general. This blog post is his response to Craig Carter.  And Craig responded to that post as well.

Boundaries vs Meat Bikinis
My new friend Mark Sayers (had a great talk with him while he was in LA)  has written a great blog post on Lady Gaga’s bikini made of raw meat, and the protest of some animal rights activists. He reminds us that in bringing order out of chaos, God does some creative binding and separating.

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