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Choice Blog Entries – Cities, Writing and Hauerwas


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Here are three blog posts that I’m passing onto you this week, that are worth a read.

Why Focus on the City?
Brad Brisco at Missional Church Network shares some reasons why the church needs to focus on the city. He is quoting from Randy White’s book: Encounter God in the City: Onramps to Personal and Community Transformation. One reason given is that more than half of the populations now lives in just forty cities of a million or more people. Check out the post.

Rowen Williams: writing as discovery
Ben at the popular blog Faith and Theology shares a quote from Rowen Williams on the process of writing. If you are a writer, or want to be a writer, you will probably appreciate this entry.

The Timeless Hauerwas
David Fitch at Reclaiming the Mission shares some of the quotes he enjoyed from Stanley Hauerwas’ memoir entitled Hannah’s Child, in his post on The Timeless Hauerwas. Check it out.

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