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Choice Blog Entries – Bread, Blogs and Movement


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Here are the three blog posts that I’m passing onto you this week, that are worth a read.

Bread for the World
This post is by Halden over at Inhabitatio Dei, where he shares some stirring remarks by Rowan Williams on the topics of prayer, the Lord’s Supper and the nature of the church. This was an address that Rowen gave at the Lutheran World Federation Assembly.  The link to this rich talk can be found at Halden’s post.

How to Keep Your Blog Posts From Dying in Your Archives
For all of you bloggers out there, Michael Hyatt has a great post on nine different ways that you can give your older posts some new life. I have engaged in a number of these and found that it has been a great way to allow some of my favorite posts to continue to live.

Living Into Movement – Pt 1
My friend Rob Fairbanks has started to blog again. He is the current president of Christian Associates, a movement of churches primarily in Europe. So this post beginning his series on movements should be interesting for any of you who are helping to build a movement of churches.

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