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Top Posts, Countries and Cities for April 2010

In this post I share with you the ten most looked at posts on the blog this past month.  If you haven’t had the chance to read them, now you can. A Primer on Today’s Missional Church popped up to number one again, after being beat out last month by The Missional Church Made Simple (which dropped to 9). With ViralHope officially released on April 4th, the announcement that is was available on Amazon made the second most looked at post. And the preview to my new website rounded out the top three. Also, for those of you who follow this blog and enjoy stats, I have included a list of the top 10 countries and cities that have visited this site last month, according to google analytics.

Top 10 Most Visited Pages in April 2010
Post 1: A Primer on Today’s Missional Church
Post 2: ViralHope is Now Available on Amazon
Post 3: A Preview of My New Website – Would Love Feedback
Post 4: My Story
Post 5: Dust Clouds Triggers by the 7.2 Mexicali Earthquake
Post 6: ViralHope Weekly Update – April 12th, 2010
Post 7: My Writings
Post 8: Easter Prayer
Post 9: The Missional Church Made Simple
Post 10: Earth Day Giveaway

Top 10 Countries Visiting This Blog in April 2010
1. United States
2. Canada
3. United Kingdom
4. Ukraine
5. Australia
6. Ireland
7. Philippines
8. Netherlands
9. Brazil
10. India

Top 10 Cities Visiting This Blog in April 2010
1. Los Angeles
2. Blacksburg
3. Costa Mesa
4. New York
5. Lutsk
6. Lynchburg
7. Woodbridge
8. London
9. Winnipeg
10. Chicago

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