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ViralHope Weekly Update – April 26th, 2010

Here are some highlights about ViralHope: Good News from the Urbs to the Burbs (and everything in between) from this past week and a peek at some interesting news this coming week.

• ViralHope
is now available at Barnes & Noble on-line or you can ask for it at the store.  If you go to the store, be sure to let them know that ViralHope is one word.  They may have to order it, so online buying is probably quicker.

• You need to read Paul Glavic’s Review of ViralHope.  In his tweet he says, @ViralHope from @ecclesiapress is putting “Good” back in “Good News”.  Read the review.  And then if you have read ViralHope write your own review and post it on your blog and/or Amazon.

• Through infibeam.com ViralHope is now available for delivery to India, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Belgium, Bahrain, Switzerland, China, Germany, Spain, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand and South Africa.

• A couple more people wrote positive reviews on Amazon, there are now 8.  Take a moment to read through them and let them know if the review was helpful to you.  Write your Amazon review this week, if you have read the book.

• Ryan Bell, one of the contributors to ViralHope had an article in the Huffington Post about being a Social Justice Christian, and in his short bio, he mentions ViralHope and there is a link to Amazon.  Pretty Cool. You should read the article.  If you read the whole article, you will notice that I’m in the PSA about being a social justice Christian.

• If you are in the Southern California area and not working, I invite you to join my friend Tim Morey, author of Embodying Our Faith, and some of the contributors to ViralHope to a book signing event at Fuller Theological Seminary.  You can learn more about the event here.  Hope you can make it.

• Winn Collier will be having a ViralHope Book Giveaway this coming Wednesday on his blog.  So if you want a chance at a free copy, visit his blog this coming Wednesday.

• I will be planning some ViralHope Book Release Parties on the East Coast.  Hopefully in Richmond, Washington D.C., Annapolis and Philly.  We will see if we can hit each of these cities. If you would like to help out with any of these cities, let me know.

• Take the time to tweet about ViralHope this week and/or write a review and/or give someone a gift copy.  Spread the hope!

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If you know about an article or blog about ViralHope that I missed, just let me know and I will post it in next week’s addition.

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