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Shalom Makers: Development in the Way of Christ


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This week I am working on my final paper for my Poverty and Development class. It has been a great learning experience and very helpful as a number of us are thinking through the next steps with the Solis Foundation and the Unembraced. I thought I would share with you my working thesis and basic outline. Give me your thoughts on this outline.  I plan to post the paper later this month.

While there are philosophical, ethical and practical reasons why a number of NGO’s separate humanitarian aid from faith, I will make the case that the more holistic and human(e) approach to poverty and development is when the Christian faith is an integral part of the approach to development.

I. Introduction

II. Is it More Human(e) to Separate Humanitarian Aid from Faith?

A. The Problem I have With God is…. Philosophical Reasons for Separation (Myers) (Newbigin) (Ramachandra)

B. The Problem I have with the Church is… Ethical Reasons for Separation (Jayasinghe) (Wilson-Hartgrove)

C. The Problem I have with Getting Large Donors is… Practical Reasons for Separation (Lehnen)

III. A More Human(e) Way

A. Changing Scripts: Turning on the En(Light)enment

(Myers) (Brueggeman) (Wright) (Newbigin) (Koyzer) (P. Yoder) (Ramachandra) (John Howard Yoder) (Hiebert) (Bosch) (Narayan) (Hauerwas)

B. Listening to the Down Under Script

(Narayan) (Gutierrez) (Jenkins)

C. Living in Truth Wherever it is Found

(Chambers) (Sen) (Friedmann) (Narayan) (Korten) (Mouw)

D. Being Fully Human

(Chambers) (Myers) (Graham) (Hiebert) (Narayan)

E. Freedom as Gospel Social Ethic

(Friedmann) (Chambers) (Yoder) (Myers) (Narayan) (Ched Myers) (Fitch) (Lofink)

F. Pneumatic Empowerment and the Politics of Jesus

(Friedmann) (Chambers) (Yoder) (Nouwen) (De Pree)

G. Transforming the Powers

(Christian) (Wink) (Myers) (Yoder)

H. Faith that Works, Hope that Surprises, Love that Serves

(Sider) (Wright) (Nouwen)
IV. Further Considerations
V. Conclusion

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