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Shalom Makers: Development in the Way of Christ – A More Human(e) Way Part V

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Check out the outline, introduction, the philosophical and ethical reasons for separation first, as we continue to look at the question, is is more Human(e) to Separate Humanitarian Aid from Faith?

Practical Reasons to Separate

The primary reason Christian development workers choose to not identify themselves as explicitly Christian, besides the hindrance of being able to bring aid to certain places in the world, is that they can then seek support from a broader range of people and groups, especially those outside of the faith. Access to more resources means more aid can reach those in extreme poverty. While this may be pragmatically beneficial, organizations that are not explicitly Christian may be putting pragmatics above integrity, and efficiency above meaning. Organizations that approach development without any intention of integrating their faith end up robbing themselves of resources more precious than the “almighty dollar.” Beyond that, these development organizations rob the church of the ability to fulfill her mission in the world more holistically, and more likely witness to the story of the enlightenment more than the story of God.

In the next post on this series, I begin to share about a more human(e) way.  So stay tuned.

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