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My Tweets From an N.T. Wright Talk

A Day with NT Wright

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This past February I was able to see N.T. Wright speak a couple of times, as well as shake his hand. One of the times was at his lecture at St. Andrews in Southern California. Here were all my tweets from the first talk of the day. As you can see, he says a lot when he speaks.

“Heaven is important, but it’s not the end of the world.”

“Judgement for some sounds like an angry God, but faced with death, decay and evil, if he does not say no, He is not a good God.”

“Judgement and creation are the two great poles of Jewish thinking. Judgement is good, God is coming to sort the world out.”

“Paul talks a lot about the kingdom of God. You have it in Acts 19,20, 28 and then in I Cor. 15”

“The point of the resurrection is not, He is alive, therefore we all go to heaven, the point is God’s New Creation has come.”

“What has happen in the resurrection is that the New Age has broken into the old age, God has launched the New Creation.”

“I Cor. 15:20-28 is Paul’s vision of the kingdom of God, and I Cor. 15 is the apex of the whole letter.”

“Kingdom of God is about the transformative healing of this world, not an escape from this world, ‘all things in subjection.'”

“Death is the denial of the goodness of creation, resurrection is a sharp way to talk about the defeat of death.”

“This world is just a shadow of it’s future self. When heaven and earth are joined together, then we will c where we are going.”

“You are just a shadow of your future self, there is a new you as well.”

“Faith, hope and love are the signs that we are already living in the New Creation.”

“Love is not our duty, it is our destiny. It is the language of our destiny.”

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