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A Series for Church Planters – Further Update

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There is a lot of interest in me doing a series of posts for church planters about church planting, but as you know I have yet to start the series, primarily because of my travel and the amount of deadlines that I have been facing lately. Now with the Advent and Christmas upon us and the New Year just around the corner, I’m thinking it would be better for me to start the series at the beginning of the year. I think I want to do this for a number of reasons.

First, it would be great to start a series like this at the beginning of the year, since many of us travel and have extra things going on during the holiday season. This would be good for me as well.

Second, there are the typical things that are nice to blog about near the end of the year, like the top 10 lists for 2009.

Third, it would allow me to start posting the paper I just wrote from my Poverty and Development class.

Fourth, it would give me more time to think and prepare for this series. Due to the input that I have received, I’m going to focus this church planting series on planting churches in a non-typical, non-traditional way, since resources are abundant for the most typical ways people plant churches.

I trust this makes sense to you. And while you wait in eager anticipation for the church planting series, get ready for the new series that starts tomorrow on: Shalom Makers: A More Human(e) Way to Approach Development. Now if you think I should start the church planters series sooner, please make your case for that. Otherwise, I will start the first week of the New Year.

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