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2009 in Review – A Personal Ministry Update

“Most men die at 27, we just bury them at 72.” – Mark Twain

I have pondered this short and powerful quote this past year. Living life fully is one of my passions. Not only do I seek to live life fully, but I labor to help other people, churches and organizations do the same.

I wanted to thank those of you who read this blog and have enriched my life in this past year. My primary calling in life is “to awaken people to join God in the renewal of all things”. This is also the theme of my new website that is set to debut later in the month of January. Now for my brief personal ministry year in review.

Kairos Los Angeles
We appointed four new equippers at Kairos Hollywood and three more equippers at Kairos West LA. We birthed South LA in September and are in the process of recognizing four equippers there. I am working with Dustin James and Jeremiah Caleb as we start something at UCLA/Westwood in conjunction with West LA. Read the by faith chapter six of Kairos Hollywood for more details of what has happened in Hollywood this past year.

Ecclesia Network
We have sensed God’s spirit work in great ways this past year. Part of my role involves cultivating the expansion of the network, equipping and encouraging pastors and coaching and assessing church planters. Our network has grown to include seventeen churches with another nine in process of becoming a part of the network. Verge LA is a gathering I hosted in 2009 with 20 different leaders from 20 different congregations on the theme of missional living. Our annual gathering in D.C., which will be happening in February 2010 sold out in November of 2009.

Ecclesia Press
This past year I presented a proposal to the other members of Ecclesia Network board that we start a book publishing press. They accepted. I’m now the director and chief editor of this press. Our first book will have 50 contributors. It’s called ViralHope: Good News from the Urbs to the Burbs (and everything in-between) and is due to be out by February 2010. We have a couple of more interesting books in the works for 2010.

The Solis Foundation
We had two teams – one from Kairos Hollywood and one from Kairos West LA visit Lodwar, Kenya to further the goals of the Solis Foundation. We awarded the second part of grants to help ten new businesses. We have been developing a team of people who are working on our goals for 2010, which include training and helping start ten more new businesses.

The Unembraced
By God’s grace, we raised $15,000 to help orphans in Lodwar, Kenya this past year. Visit our website to learn where the money went. Rachael Dayne, an actress that came on our trip was so touched by her time there, she and her husband took it upon themselves to help 14 streets kids get into boarding school. To learn more about life in Lodwar, check out this short video on Vimeo filmed by Aaron Nee entitled – Three Angles of Lodwar. It’s raw, honest and touches your heart.

GCM Board
I’ve really enjoyed serving on the GCM board for another year. We celebrated our 20th anniversary this past year and had our best year in terms of new staff. I have a few articles in the lastest GCM Newsletter. Look for: 2009.3 Fall Connect.

East Hollywood Neighborhood Council
I’ve continued to serve on the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council [EHNC] this past year, an elected but unpaid office in the city of Los Angeles. We sponsored an ArtCycle event that drew over 3,000 people this past year. This has been a great missional space for me and the EHNC has done much to bless the neighborhood this past year. You can learn more about the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council at our website.

Total Praxis
This is the name of my consulting ministry. I conduct ministry assessments, church planter assessments, 360 leadership reviews as well as coach and mentor leaders.

Artist @ the Fountain
This is a ministry that Daichi Kimera and I birthed out of Kairos Hollywood to appreciate artist as well as raise money for local and global social justice issues. In the last quarter of this past year Jen Collins accepted our invitation to lead this ministry into the future. Visit the Artist at the Fountain website to learn more about this growing ministry.

Fuller Theological Seminary Student
I posted my “main dissertation” on-line, it is entitled: Equippers as Environmentalist: Re-imagining Leadership in Today’s Western Church. I encourage you to read it if you haven’t had the chance yet. You can download it on pdf or read it online. I have five more classes to finish my Masters of Art in Global Leadership. Pray that I will be able to retain my 4.0 as I hope to do post-graduate studies in 2011. Here’s my final paper from my Poverty and Development class. I’m still posting it section by section.

As you can see, I have been living quite a full life this year. As I follow God’s call for my life he has blessed me with so many rich relationships along the way. A number of long-time friends continue to enrich my life. A former student, Jason Lee, encouraged and refreshed me by flying me to Hawaii and hosting me. This was my first trip to Hawaii and it was an incredible time. I plan to post some blog entries and photos soon.

My spiritual director Wil Hernandez still thinks I’m way too busy. He helps me to pay attention to what God is doing in me. He is encouraging me to take a Sabbatical for a few months in 2011, after actively serving the Lord on the front lines for 20 years. I am preparing the ministries I serve so that they will continue strong even during my sabbatical.

I want to thank you so much for being a regular reader of this blog or an occasional one. This next year I hope to have many rich entries.

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