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When Too Much is Poverty

Too much

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In Walking with the Poor, Bryant Myers talks about how having too much is as bad as having too little. For example, “too little food makes us weak and susceptible to disease; too much food makes us overweight and susceptible to heart disease and cancer. He gives other examples, that I’m sure we could all think about, but I really wanted to share with you a quote by Kosuke Koyama, who puts his words together in such a way that we see that “too much is poverty.” He says, (I update his language by replacing “man” with “people”.)

“People cannot live without bread. But, people must not live by this essential bread alone. Bread-alone, shelter-alone, clothing-alone, income-alone, all these alones damage people’s quality of life. Strangely, these good values contain danger elements too. Man is supposed to eat bread. But what if bread eats man? People are dying from over-eating today in affluent countries. People are supposed to live in the house. But what if the house begins to live in people? …People need bread plus the word of God.” (Koyama 1979:4-5)

Doesn’t that remind you of Proverbs 30:8-9?

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