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Verge LA 2009 – Speaker Topics Part VII

Verge LA 2009 Smaller

With Verge LA right around the corner, I will be posting some of the topics that various speakers will tackle, everyday until the event. The basic theme of this gathering is looking at what it means to be missional in imaginative ways. Verge LA is where the next BIG idea meets UNconference. Check out this Verge LA post, to learn more about the event and how to sign up. While the event is free, please register through facebook or leave your name on this blog.

Here is another theme and talk at Verge LA 2009:

Theme: Unity and Mission

Title: Mission and the Final Apologetic

Summary Sentence: The greatest witness and mission the church has to the watching world is our unity–the love that Christians have for one another.

Summary Paragraph:
Evangelical Christians have a penchant for splitting and dividing. Most divisions never come over theological differences but over personal issues and differences over philosophy of ministry or style. These differences breed bitterness which in turn endangers a desire for revenge. Unity is then broken. What is the remedy? Radical forgiveness that only comes from the power of the gospel. Until Christians learn forgiveness, to become one even in spite of differences, our witness and mission to the watching world is compromised.

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