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Verge LA 2009 – Speaker Topics Part V

Verge LA 2009 Smaller

With Verge LA right around the corner, I will be posting some of the topics that various speakers will tackle, everyday until the event. The basic theme of this gathering is looking at what it means to be missional in imaginative ways. Verge LA is where the next BIG idea meets UNconference. Check out this Verge LA post, to learn more about the event and how to sign up. While the event is free, please register through facebook or leave your name on this blog.

Here is another theme and talk at Verge LA 2009:

Anthropology and Mission

Title: “Beginning with the Beginning: Leading with an Imago Dei Theology”

Summary Sentence:
The Imago Dei theology of Genesis 1, by illuminating a connectedness which binds all people together, is a foundational tenet upholding the church’s mission in the world.

Summary Paragraph: All men and women are created in the Image of God. Before there is a theology of sin or redemption, there is a theology of human being. If we are to engage in meaningful mission in the world, we must make sure we have asked the question, “What is a human being?” In discovering the connectedness to the Imago Dei that connects us all, we find common ground with those to whom we are on mission. Respecting this connectedness frees us to relate to all men and women with honor, respect, love, and even reverence, no matter their story.

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