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Verge LA 2009 – Speaker Topics Part IX

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While Verge LA starts up tonight (Friday, November 13th) at 6:30 p.m., tomorrow morning will start with the theme below.  The basic theme of this entire gathering is looking at what it means to be missional in imaginative ways. Verge LA is where the next BIG idea meets UNconference. Check out this Verge LA post, to learn more about the event and how to sign up. While the event is free, please register through facebook or leave your name on this blog.

Here is another theme and talk at Verge LA 2009:

Theme: Pacifism and Mission

Title: What does the death penalty have to do with mission?

Summary Sentence: If the Church to be a sign, foretaste and agent of God’s Kingdom (Newbigin), the cross must permeate not only the ends, but also the means of our activity in the world

Summary Paragraph: If the defining moment of God’s mission to his creation is Christ on the cross, then participating in God’s mission will take a cruciform shape.  The Church has an opportunity not only to present an alternative message, but a completely different reality to creation groaning under the weight of its own brokenness.  In this reality, power cannot be the handmaiden of fear and violence, but of sacrifice and humility.  In this reality, the violence of debt, prisons, and scarcity give way to forgiveness, reconciliation, and abundance.  By loving our enemies, we dissipate the power of violence and foreshadow the reality of God’s Kingdom to the world.

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