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Why California Is Still America’s Future – Time Magazine

CaliforniaSo on my trip here to D.C. I stopped by a Barnes and Noble and I noticed California on the cover. But this time the story wasn’t about the raging fires, the high unemployment or the huge state deficit, it was on Why California is Still America’s Future. It’s some of the reasons I love California and why I am planting churches in this state of the future.

Michael Grunwald, who is a reporter for the Washington Post starts off making sure that you know he is aware of California’s problems. He says, “California, you may have heard, is an apocalyptic mess of raging wildfires, soaring unemployment, mass foreclosures and political paralysis. It’s dysfunctional. It’s ungovernable. Its bond rating is barely above junk. It’s so broke, it had to hand out IOUs while its leaders debated how many prisoners to release and parks to close. Nevada aired ads mocking California’s business climate to lure its entrepreneurs. The media portray California as a noir fantasyland of overcrowded schools, perpetual droughts, celebrity breakdowns, illegal immigration, hellish congestion and general malaise, captured in headlines like “Meltdown on the Ocean” and “California’s Wipeout Economy” and “Will California Become America’s First Failed State?”

In the article, Michael gives his three page answer on why California’s Dream still lives on. “The Golden State has fought the status quo since it’s birth 160 years ago. It celebrates failure. It is a magnet for innovation. Its obituary has been posted time and again. But even amid a particularly rough chapter in the state’s history, the nation’s future is being written in California.” Read the whole article on Why California is Still America’s Future and let me know what you think about it. Peace.

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