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Update from Lodwar, Kenya

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It has been incredibly difficult to get a good connection to be able to blog here in Lodwar, but finally late tonight I was able to connect. I’m just hoping that I will be able to write this blog up before I’m disconnected again. Thus I will remain short.

It has been such a pleasure to re-connect with so many people that I have come to know through my past two visits to this town. Joshua and Moses have been great guides for us as well as Bishop Kaaleng. Our whole team has enjoyed these connections and through our time here have been exposed to the realities of extreme poverty.

As an activist, I am always seeking on how to be an active part of doing something positive to eliminate extreme poverty. Years ago God grabbed my heart and called me to be involved. Each trip I get knee deep into things, and learn how to be a blessing to people here in wiser ways. I think this has been true for our entire team this trip.

I have also through the years become increasingly convinced that the church should be much more involved in helping to end extreme poverty.  Jesus calls his people to live out a new politic which involves economics, and in my understanding of the gospels, the people of God should be at the forefront of answering the problem of extreme poverty, not for the sake of herself, but for the sake of the world.  The good news that Jesus came to bring was good news for the poor, not just the poor in spirit.  And as ambassadors of Jesus, and people who are now a part of his body, we are called to follow in his footsteps.  We are not just called to share the good news with the poor but to be the good news as well.

I feel we are making some progress with the Solis Foundation, which is a faith based organization started from a network of churches.  In our trip here, we have come to realize the need for more innovation in the Lodwar area, because the consistent drought is forcing them to have to think outside of their experience when it come to the kinds of businesses that need to be developed so that the town can be sustainable.  We need to provide more training of business mentors, as well as get more training for ourselves. I’m really glad that this next quarter I will be able to take a class on development to sharpen my understanding in this area, as well as get some training through our model organization the Village Enterprise Fund.

I’m also glad to know a number of development people and groups who will serve as mentors for me and others as we in many ways re-start the Solis Foundation under my direction.   My approach to discipleship in this area as well as others is an orient, involve and equip approach. We have been engaging in this process during this trip.

There is more to say, but I must leave it at that for now. I look forward to the time where I can be easily connected to the internet again. Until then, I will still attempt to write here and there or at least try to get a tweet out.

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