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Choice Blog Entries – Moltmann, Leadership, Simplicity


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There is a lot of rich reading in the blogosphere, but here are my three choice blog entries for this week.

Moltmann Reflections 1
I had bought a ticket to go hear Moltmann in Chicago earlier this month, but was not able to go because of my trip to Kenya, so it’s great that Julie Clawson at onehandclapping is sharing some of her reflections during the time. This first reflection she talks about how at one point Moltmann spoke about “two crosses of Christianity – the real cross at Golgotha and Constantine’s dream cross. It’s worth reading.

Church, Mission, Governance
Len at Next Reformation talks about how the emerging missional church needs adaptive leadership skills as opposed to functional technical skills emphasized for the 20th Century Church. He shares some thoughts on the kind of leadership that cultivates a missional community. Check it out.

Live Simply
In this entry, Liz Mosbo VerHage shares 10 ways to begining the practice of simplicity, from Richard Foster’s “Celebration of Discipline”. Check it out, you might find it helpful for your journey.

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