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Choice Blog Entries – Prayer, Tattoo’s, Marginalization and Spirit vs Structure


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I love to point out some of the choice blog entries in the blogosphere. Some people point to many posts, I typically just share my favorite three that I read this past week. But this week I need to share four. So here are my choice blog entries for this week.

Elull on Prayer
Halden Doerge at Inhabitatio Dei shares a powerful quote from Jacques Ellul’s book Hope in a Time of Abandonmnent. The first line of the quotes goes like this, “The person who claims to be full of hope but fails to lead a life of prayer is a liar.” You can find the rest of the quote here. Check it out.

The Story of Getting an “Ecclesia” Tattoo

Jason Clark, a friend, a church planter in the UK, an excellent thinker and writer shares a deeply personal and meaningful story behind getting his “Ecclesia” tattoo, in what he calls the story of a tattoo. In a follow up post he gives four reasons for getting his tattoo. Meaningful reads. So do you have a tattoo story to share?

The Marginalization of the Church
Brad Brisco has been focusing on finishing his Dmin project and gives us a glimpse of some of what he is writing about in this post where he talks about the marginalization of the church in North America, “as a result, at least in part, to the lack of sound missionary thinking and activities.” He quotes some good authors and some statistics about the church in North America. An important read for missional thinkers and practitioners.

Spirit vs Structure
For those of you who have an interest in the relationship between structure and Spirit, this short article that Len Hjalmarson writes points to Howard Snyders work among others, and gives us some important things to think about. Here is a quote from the entry, to give you a taste, “When form overtakes Spirit, structure no longer serves us, but we serve them. But what we serve is our God, and when we serve structure we are bowing to things that are elemental spirits and do not deserve our worship…”

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