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Rhythm of Life – Part IV

Rhythm of the Ocean

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For me developing a rule of life is about developing a way of life in which we set the sails of our life to catch the wind of God’s Spirit. For living the Christian life is not a matter of trying harder, but of yielding to the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. This year I am focusing on four areas, practices that help me with my: Intimacy with God, Loving the World (my friends and enemies), personal wholeness and creation care. The four things lost at the fall.

Today I will share my rhythm of life in the third area, personal wholeness. I ask myself the question, what can I do daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually to better allow me to catch the wind of God’s Spirit in my life?

Engage in practices that rejuvenate me physically, restore me emotionally, stimulate me intellectually and renew me spiritually

  • Daily remind myself of who I am in Christ
  • Exercise at least three times weekly
  • Practice Sabbath weekly
  • Divert daily, withdraw weekly, maintain monthly and abandon annually by engaging in hobbies that restore me emotionally, like surfing, photography, film, a good TV show, a hike or just having dinner and wine with a friend
  • Connect with at least one mentor weekly
  • Monthly assess these four areas of my life: How am I doing physically? How am I doing emotionally? How am I dong financially? How am I doing in regards to the pursuit of my calling?
  • Practice transparency monthly with a close and trusted friend in every area of life

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