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Choice Bog Entries – Eugene Peterson, Macs and Mrs. California


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There are some awesome posts happening around the internet and so at times (I used to to this once a week, and hopefully will recover that habit) I love to point out some of the choice blog entries in the blogosphere. I typically do it in three’s. Here are my three recommendations for this week.

The Wisdom of Eugene Peterson on Church Planting
My good friend and church planter J.R. Briggs has the privilege of having Eugene Peterson as one of his mentors. One of the ways that J.R. (great name huh?) gets mentored is by writing Eugene snail mail letters (since Eugene doesn’t do the email thing). This past week Eugene answered these questions: What are the non-negotiables of being a church planter? And What is the greatest temptation when planting a church – and how do I avoid it. Check out Eugene’s answers.

Mac Love
My friend Noel Heikkinen has a great video displaying an amazing feature on the MacBook. It is a short video that is a must see, especially for those of you who might question the superiority of the Apple computer.

Miss California USA and Sexual Politics
My friend David Fitch has a must read article on how the whole Miss California has personified the duplicity in many people’s approach to gay people, sexual ethics and spiritual formation. It is a challenging post that I would love to hear your feedback on, if you would like to talk about it.

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