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Choice Blog Entries – Theology 2.0, Art and Gay Neighbors


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I love to point out some of the choice blog entries in the blogosphere. Some people point to many posts, I typically just share my favorite three that I read this past week. So here are my choice blog entries for this week.

Theology 2.0: Blogging as Theological Discourse
My blogging friend Ben Myers over at Faith and Theology often has rich posts. For those of you who like to think about technology, theology and the development of human culture. He has a few excerpts from a paper he has written entitled “Blogging as Theological Discourse.” Theology 2.0 is his first post on the topic, and if you like that one, you might enjoy Blogging As Reading Together and Theology and Self in Cyberspace. Happy reading.

Art, Imagination, and the Future
Another blogging friend Len over at NextReformation has a couple of short quotes that talk about how in the 21st century “the artist will lead us.” And how it is the function of apostolic leaders to hear the voices of the poet and prophet and set about to make what God is saying through them a reality. A must read for those who are apostolically gifted.

Befriending our Gay Neighbors – Synchroblog

Lon at Solar Crash was invited by Bridging the Gap to join their synchro-blog which involves over 60 Christ-followers who share their thoughts on Christian community and the gay community. After sharing his thoughts, he links to the entire synchroblog (view right hand column), which includes contributors like Brian McLaren, Darryl Dash, Bill Kinnon and others. The purpose of the synchroblog is to share positive stories, ideas, suggestions on how we can bridge the gap between people on the topic of faith and sexuality or “How can we embody mutual honor and respect in our conversations and relationships with those with whom we may disagree on the topic of homosexuality?”

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