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Henri Nouwen and His Ministry of Companioning with Wil Hernandez Series

Here is a recap on the complete series in regard to Henri Nouwen’s approach to spiritual companioning. It has been a real pleasure to have Wil Hernandez as a guest author on this blog. The series was introduced with a short introduction about Henri Nouwen, an author you should be familiar with if you are not. And I also introduced you to author Wil Hernandez who in his PhD dissertation focused on Henri Nouwen’s counterintuitive and coutercultural brand of spirituality. Wil hosts the website: Nouwen Legacy and is the author of two books on Henri Nouwen. His first book is entitled: Henri Nouwen: A Spirituality of Imperfection, and his second book is Henri Nouwen and Soul Care: A Ministry of Integration. This particular series was excerpted and adapted from this book. Here are the links to the entire series:

I.  Introduction
II. Nouwen as a Spiritual Friend
III. Nouwen as a Spiritual Guide
IV. Nouwen as a Spiritual Mentor
V. Nouwen as a Spiritual Director
VI. Conclusion

When you take the time to read the different entries, also read the comments and interaction between Wil and the various people. I wanted to thank Wil Hernandez for blessing us with such a rich series.

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