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50 Lessons in Discipleship (1-5)

discipleshipIn this series, I will be sharing 50 lessons in discipleship and mentoring. These are lessons that I have learned through life, sometimes through my mentors others times through my mentoring. I pass them on in hopes that they may be a blessing to you and others. I will share five at a time, because I think each statement will be richer as they are reflected upon. Thirty-nine of the Psalms contain the word Selah to break up the Psalm. Selah is the Hebrew way of saying “stop and listen” or “think about it.” So after each of the five discipleship lessons I will put Selah. Please feel free to share lessons you have learned in discipleship or your thoughts on lessons that I’ve learned. These lessons are not in any particular order.


  1. Discipleship takes place in the context of engaging in God’s mission; Jesus calls his disciples immediately on an adventurous mission of ministry and learning
  2. In order to disciple others, one must be a disciple themselves
  3. Christian discipleship is about helping people follow Jesus
  4. Discipleship takes place when we are “with people” like Jesus was with the twelve
  5. Discipleship becomes personal and powerful in the informal daily rhythms of life


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