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Artist @ the Fountain Presents: Keeley Valentino and Ellis Callahan

Artist @ the Fountain is where we showcase bands and artists in Los Angeles and other areas as well as raise money for social justice causes both locally and globally. We have had sold out shows with bands like the Black Tongued Bells.  We have had A Night of Soul, Mike Officer and the MOB, the Zen Soul Band has rocked the house as well as Kendall Payne and Beautiful Criminal.

Our next benefit concert is Saturday, April 18th at the Fountain Room, featuring Keeley Valentino and Ellis Callahan.  Proceeds from this concert will go to The Unembraced and The Solis Foundation.

Opening Band: Ellis Callahan
Headline Band: Keeley Valentino
Date: April 18th
Doors open 7:00 p.m., Opening band starts at 7:30 p.m.
Place: The Fountain Room
Advance Reservations: Call Daichi Kimera at 323.365.0919 to make advance reservations. Just leave a message with your first and last names at date of benefit concert. There is a special gift for those who make reservations. Advance Registration: $10.
Donation at the Door: $10

As a singer songwriter, she is just releasing her second full length record album. While some compare her to people like Cobie Caillat and Nora Jones, she contributes a fresh acoustic style of her own. She is inspired by the musical styles of Patty Griffin, Jackson Browne, Emmylou Harris and Lori McKenna and her poetic lyrics are penned from your life experiences. Check out Keeley’s MySpace Page.

If you like soul, folk and blues, then you will enjoy Ellis Callahan. Some of his influences include Ray Charles, Tom Waits, Joe Cocker, Amos Lee, Ben Harper and Jackson Browne. Ellis plays keys and has lead vocals, Max and Casey are on guitars, Jaime is on the bass and Christian on the Drums. Check out Ellis Callahan’s MySpace Page to get a taste of his music.

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