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Choice Blog Entries – Rhythm, Pacificism and Lent


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I love some of the fresh blog posts happening around the internet, so at times (I used to do this once a week and hopefully will recover that habit) I love to point out some of the choice blog entries. I typically do it in three’s. So here are three recommendations for today.

Rhythms of a Disciple
Brad Brisco at Missional Church Network turned me on to Jason Salamun’s post on the different rhythms of discipleship. Things like follow, sent, explore, eat, presence, listen, party, bless, grow, include, pray, share, fight. To learn more, check out the post on the rhythms.

The Impotence of Pacifism?
Mark has a thoughtful post on sorting out the meaning and understanding of non-violence, passivism and other things related to peacemaking. Check out his post.

Lenten Quotes
In this entry, Tim Keel gives us some great quotes to reflect on during this season of lent. Go to the sight and let me know what you think about the quotes. Until then, peace to you!

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