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Choice Blog Entries – Community, Institution-less, Echo Within


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I wish I had more time to read blog posts, because there is some rich writing in the blogosphere. At some point my life will hopefully get to the point where I can read more blogs than I have the chance to do at this moment. Choice blog entries is my regular way to share with you some excellent posts in cyberspace.

What Kind of Community?
Len Hjalmarson at NextReformation shares some rich quotes from Paul Fromonts The Ecclesiology of Stanley Hauerwas. If you are Hauerwas fan, you should check this out. If you are not a Hauerwas fan, you should check these quotes out.

The Myth of the Institution-less Church
Jason Clark at Deep Church has a great post for those with a deep suspicion of organizations and institutions. He makes a call for some institutional imagination.

A Book Review of The Echo Within by Robert Benson
John Santic at Toward Hope shares with us about a book that is moving him closer toward God, not with three points or seven steps but with something poetic. If you are trying to make sense of your life and grow in discernment, check out this review and see if this book should be part of your journey.

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